TLC Training with Helen Latham

End of Life Care Training

It can take both courage and confidence to offer support at the end of life.

Tender Loving End of Life Care Training: TLC greatly enhances the confidence of carers and encourages them to provide personalised and compassionate support for those in their care. 

End of Life Care Training - TLC with Helen Latham
End of Life Care Training - TLC with Helen Latham

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I am a fully qualified Soul Midwife, a regional Mentor and an accredited Tender Loving Care (TLC) Trainer. 

TLC end of life care training as a practice, was developed as part of the Soul Midwifery movement pioneered by Felicity Warner. My name is Helen Latham and I came to Soul Midwifery in 2014 as a result of caring for my mother at the end of her life. I trained and qualified as a Soul Midwife a few years later, volunteering my time and skills in the local hospital by supporting patients receiving end-of-life care. Now I teach TLC to individuals, groups and organisations.

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All courses are run on Zoom. I offer One to One private Courses at dates to suit individual clients or group courses, with a maximum of 10 people, on the dates show below. Please contact me to book.

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TLC Course - Group (per person)

24th January 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

28th February 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

27th March 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

24th April 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

22nd May 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

26th June 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

24th July 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

28th August 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

25th September 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

23rd October 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

27th November 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

18th December 2024


TLC Course - Group (per person)

22nd January 2025


What people say

Josie Wood
I highly recommend Helen as a TLC course leader
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Doing the TLC end of life training course with Helen was a very good experience. Helen is kind, warm, and thoughtful and she goes the extra mile to make people feel at ease, comfortable and have their needs met. Helen is also very knowledgeable about the subject of caring for those at the end of life and shared information about this in ways that were very helpful and inspiring, with plenty of resources and time for discussion. I highly recommend doing the TLC training with Helen to anyone who is considering it.
Caron Kirkham
TLC while delivering a course on TLC
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I really enjoyed this course. Helen created a safe space to explore the delivery of TLC which started before the course when she sent out resources in plenty of time. On the day of the session, her calm delivery facilitated our learning. I would highly recommend Helen and the course.
Valuable training for carers
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I attended this training through Zoom and I can highly recommend it for both professional carers and family and friends who may be supporting someone through end of life care. This training is informative, and is also delivered in a compassionate and sensitive way from an experienced trainer.
M Louise
An informative, gentle and inspiring course for all
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A wonderful course for each and everyone of us. No matter what our profession or personal circumstances we will all experience death and dying. This is something I myself have been uncomfortable talking about and this course is a wonderful way to see the positives in caring for the dying with compassion and love. Helen was gentle and thoughtful despite an emotive topic. This course will forever change the way I approach the topic of death and the dying. Thank you.

NHS Care Settings

End of Life Care training with Helen Latham

The Soul Midwives TLC course was introduced for the first time into the NHS in Dorset in 2019 by fellow Soul Midwife Anne Hiscock, and was recognised by the National Gold Standards Framework Team.

They awarded Yeatman Hospital, part of Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust with the ‘Best Ward of the year Award’ for delivering high quality end of life care.

The course is adaptable to any care setting and will support staff and carers to deliver the best care possible to clients and loved ones. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the dying process and to understand the part we can play in supporting those on this journey.

This TLC End of Life Care Training course has been developed by Felicity Warner, the founder of the Soul Midwife Movement.  In 2017, Felicity was named End of Life Care Champion by the National Council for Palliative Care at the House of Lords. She was also named End of Life Doula of the Year in 2017 by the Good Funeral awards and was named one of the Year’s Most Inspirational Women by the Daily Mail.

The TLC Training Course

Who will benefit from this TLC Course and how?

Everyone. The people in your care, the staff who face the daily challenges of working with the dying and your organisation, whose aims will be more closely met by the holistic approach learnt.

TLC encourages participants to feel more confident when caring for someone who is facing the end of life. TLC would be of benefit to those who are counsellors, nurses, carers and complementary therapists. It would also interest anyone who wishes to find out how to support someone who is approaching end of life. TLC is advantageous for both professional and personal development. The TLC skills can be used happily alongside medical care, and are complementary to best practice.
End of Life Care Training - TLC with Helen Latham

For Individuals

For Staff

End of Life Care Training - TLC with Helen Latham
End of Life Care Training - TLC with Helen Latham

For Employers

How is the TLC Course delivered?

Normally TLC is a practical 1 day course for 8-10 people held in a classroom environment either at a suitable local venue or on your own premises.

But then came Coronavirus. So now we offer the same training but via a Zoom meeting.

These ‘virtual’ meeting rooms allow secure interactive meetings where it is easy to exchange ideas and to participate fully in the learning process. The course is spilt in to two 2 hour segments which can be scheduled on a single day or over a couple of days or even weeks.

End of Life Care Training - TLC Training with Helen Latham

If you’d like to know more for yourself or for your team then please contact me with queries. We are keen to make this training very widely available and may be able to help with the cost in some cases. Again please contact me with a brief outline of your situation. We are here to help.

What does the TLC Course cover?

The content is delivered in three modules.

Firstly we consider what Tender Loving Care is and we look, using a non-medical framework, at the Four Stages of Dying.

In amongst this are in depth discussions exploring what a “good death” means and what self care might look like.

And finally we take a look at the practical skills including gentle touch, deep listening and vigiling.

“The training was well delivered and inspiring. I am looking forward to exploring the subject further.”

“Very relaxed, interactive and no pressure. Enjoyable and challenging.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the training. I learned so much. It has given me confidence to be with the elderly and dying.”

Is TLC widely practised?

In 2019 it was implemented by Dorset NHS, where it is being offered to all End of Life patients within the county’s community hospitals. TLC is also used in many care homes and community health groups, as well as taught to individuals who are caring for loved ones.

How do I find out more about End of Life Care training?

Let’s talk about how this wonderful training can be brought to your organisation. Either give me a call on 07736 048 706 or use the contact form below and we’ll set up a time to explore it further. A typical TLC Training Day will run from 10.00 to 3.30pm and can accommodate up to ten participants. Team training of this sort costs £500 for the day. This interactive live training event uses Zoom, allowing many opportunities for whole group and small group discussions. For more details on this form of learning please complete the contact/enquiry form below and I will let you have dates and costs for our next training opportunity. There has never been a more important time to bring the benefits of TLC Training to your team.

Dying is not as bad as you think

“We’ve lost the rich wisdom of normal human dying and it’s time for us to talk about dying and reclaim the wisdom”

What is a Soul Midwife? Webinar

Join Jude Meryl & Helen Latham as they speak about how they started, what they do, The Soul Midwives School and TLC Training.

What is Soul Midwifery?

Soul Midwives lovingly ease the passage of the dying, to ensure that death is a dignified and peaceful experience.

Being a Soul Midwife is largely about practicing the 12 Principles of Soul Midwifery as set by By Felicity Warner.

Soul Midwives School

You can learn more about The Soul Midwives School and the work of Felicity Warner here.

Here are some of the organisations which Soul Midwives are delighted to work with.

For donations to our bursary fund or to pay for a course please click here. Using PayPal is the easiest way to support this training opportunity. No PayPal account is needed. Thank you for your help.

“Whilst our fees are as low as possible, particularly in these challenging times, we recognise that there will be those who, for all sorts of reasons, may not be able to afford the course but who still need the support and skills that this training can offer. For this reason we maintain a bursary fund made up of generous donations received here. Applications for support are welcome and although it is not always possible to help we most certainly will if we can. Please be in touch.”

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